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PhraseBox Portuguese - phrasebook for Android

Are you going to travel to Portugal?

Are you planning a business trip to Lisbon or Porto?

In this case our phrasebook PhraseBox Portuguese (200+ phrases) is exactly that what you need!

Full version PhraseBox Portuguese Topics:


PhraseBox Portuguese provides easy orientation in a foreign country, help with travel, communication at restaurants, cafés, hotels, meeting new people, asking for help, great shopping and many other things.

Each phrase of PhraseBox Portuguese is translated and dubbed by native speakers. Perfectly dubbed audio tracks PhraseBox Portuguese will allow you to communicate with local residents even without any foreign language skills, and also help you out of any life situations abroad!

To use PhraseBox Portuguese is easy and pleasant because of its simple and effective interface which is understandable for people of all ages!

Features PhraseBox Portuguese:

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We are glad to offer you the extended version – multilingual PhraseBox PRO (1100+ phrases). More topics, more phrases, more opportunities!

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